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Everything you need to know about Apple’s new products

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The new Macs from Apple officially shipped this past week. These are the first devices to feature Apple’s new M1 processor, effectively severing the company’s relationship with Intel. This transition has been a long time coming, but many in the tech world have been skeptical of Apple’s ARM-based silicon.

So, after a week of testing and reviews, are the new M1 Macs worth it? Do they deliver on the lofty promises Apple made during their keynote announcement?

Let’s look at what some of the top reviewers had to say and determine if now is a good time to upgrade. …

Most self-help books are garbage, but these ones can change your life

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Photo by Christin Hume, available on Unsplash

Over the past two years, I’ve been on something of a bender. Not with alcohol. My college days are long behind me. No, my bender has been with self-help books.

It fluctuates every year, but I generally read around 30 books per year. It’s been a bit higher this year because of COVID, but I digress. Over the past two years, over half the books I read have been self-help books.

Everything from positive thinking to financial freedom and entrepreneurship. So what have I learned after reading what is likely over 2 million words?

Well, not a lot.

Most self-help books are not helpful at all, and the valuable ones are too long. They feel like blog posts that were stretched into books. …

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Remembering the most impactful and gut-wrenching experiences that left their mark on players

The PlayStation 5 has officially released, and if you’re one of the lucky few who actually got their hands on one, I just want you to know I hate you.

While everyone is scrambling to get their hands on Sony’s latest console, I thought this would be a good moment to look back at some of the best moments on the PS4. But there are plenty of listicles talking about the “best” moments, so let’s do something different.

Let’s look at the most emotional moments. The ones that hit you right in the guts. Give you the feels.

Why? Because this is my list, and that’s what I want to do. …

But that might be changing

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Photo by Alwin Kroon on Unsplash

I first started paying attention to smartphones in the summer of 2014. I started working at T-Mobile, and I rocked a Google Nexus 5. I had a lot to learn, though. As my manager told me on my second day, “you don’t know a sim card from an SD card.” And I didn’t.
I quickly learned, though, and in it, I found a new passion (a passion that would turn into full-time writing).
The summer I became a five-minute smartphone expert was also the summer OnePlus’s first phone launched. They promised to offer flagship specs at an affordable price. The first OnePlus started at $300, half the cost of the exceedingly popular Samsung Galaxy S5, which retailed for $650.
You read that correctly.
In six short years, the cost of flagship phones has nearly doubled. Part of that is because the features they offer are more refined and complex, and therefore more expensive. However, in the wake of COVID-19 and the global recession, many people aren’t prepared to shell out $1,000 for a smartphone. Most people don’t want to do that regardless of the economy.
However — as if anticipating the moment — the biggest manufacturers have delivered more affordable handsets, though many still aren’t as cheap as devices from a few years ago. …

My tiny baby hands just can’t take it anymore.

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Photo by Daniel Romero on Unsplash

I’ve been in something of a crisis the past few years. Smartphones have simply gotten too big for me. I’m a medium-sized guy, but my hands are extra small. As in PlayStation controllers are the perfect fit small. They’re just so compact and comfortable to hold.

You know what isn’t comfortable to hold? My iPhone XR with its behemoth 6.1 inch display. Don’t get me wrong, I like my phone well enough. But using it one-handed is frustrating and borderline impossible. …

Word processors don’t take much to run, but that doesn’t mean you should skimp on your writing device.

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I see a lot of misconceptions about what devices writers — and just writers — should purchase when they are shopping for a new computer.

You hear a wide range of things, from “just get something cheap” to “you might as well get a gaming laptop.”

None of these answer the question, though. What should writers get? More specifically, what should writers be looking for in a new computer?

Well, that’s what we are here to answer. At last, here are some concrete things writers should consider when shopping for a new computer, as well as answers to some other important questions. …

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No one expected Father to murder my family. By all accounts, he was an honest man who loved his family, worked hard, and had a heart of gold. When they interviewed his colleagues, they said he always wore a smile that lit up the room. I answered those questions in the same way.

Those were lies, of course, because when he came home that smile never came with him. His face was always set in a scowl, his jaw always locked. My father was a very unhappy man. No, he was more than that. The things I saw him do — the things he would say to me — were wholly unnatural. My father, I think, was not really a man at all. Not at the end at least. …

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T L;DR — Don’t let your distaste for Trump justify war crimes.

I can’t believe I have to do this, but apparently some people are forgetting that George W. Bush was single-handedly one of the worst presidents in our nation’s history. And yes, while Donald Trump is awful, he is also nowhere near the travesty of the Bush administration.

Over the weekend, it began to trend on Twitter about neoliberals’ nostalgia for the Bush years, some of the most tumultuous and violent years in our nation’s history. …

TL:DR — Centrists are sounding a lot like Trump supporters.

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During the Democratic primary, there was seemingly non-stop press coverage about toxic Bernie Bros bullying people online and making mean memes (say that five times fast). The coverage was unrelenting and suggested that this was a unique phenomenon of the Sanders campaign, and it was akin to the way Trump stoked flames and divisions.

With Sanders now out of the race, it seems Biden Bros are prepared to fill the non-existent shoes Bernie Bros left. …

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Now that Senator Bernie Sanders has officially left the primary race, Joe Biden is the presumptive nominee. For progressives, it is a sad day but one we have seen coming for a while. It is still depressing, though, to see ourselves in the same (arguably, a worse) situation as 2016.

However, progressives are not the ones with an issue in Senator Sanders leaving the race. We are used to elections going to politicians and administrations that forego progressive politics in favor of neoliberalism. The dismissal and outright hostility toward Sanders’ movement from the media and Democratic establishment is nothing new to us. …

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