Am I Too Old For Wattpad?

Getting started on the massive writing platform as an aging millenial is awkward and terrifying

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Look, we all know what Wattpad is, I’m not going to explain it to you.

Okay, so Wattpad is this site where writers can publish their work to a community of writers and readers to get feedback on their work. That’s the long and short of it. I’m not here to talk about the pros and cons of whether it’s a worthwhile investment, what fiction is or isn’t popular on the site, or anything like that. Instead, I have a simple question.

Am I too old for Wattpad?

I’m not “old in any traditional sense. I’m 28, so that still puts me on the younger side of Millennials. However, most of the users on Wattpad are teenagers. Think fourteen to seventeen. Wattpad has been around forever (hell, I remember reading it when I was in high school).

So if I start on the site now, a full decade after I graduated, am I too late? Not only would it feel weird interacting with teenagers on the internet, but are they even my target audience? Are the things I’m writing even something they would consider? I don’t write YA or romance.

My writing is for adults. So is there an adult audience on Wattpad? If so, I don’t see them, either because they’re hard to find or don’t reveal their age.

The only point of this article is to ask a tough question of myself. Did I miss my chance to make a mark on Wattpad? I’m thankful for Medium and the audience I am building here, but I’m a fiction writer too, and it would be nice to find a community site solely dedicated to it.

This is for the millennial writers out there who feel stuck between generations. We’re too young for older Millenials to take us seriously but too old for Gen Z to care or not be weirded out by us.

If you’re a writer suffering similar crises of finding an audience, I understand you. Feel free to get in touch and maybe we can form a community of our own or find one together!

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Caleb is a full-time writer that writes about fiction, tech, films, and occasionally about politics. He is also an aspiring author.

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