Debunking The Dumbest COVID-19 Conspiracies

TL;DR — Just Google What 5G Is

Your conspiracy theory friends are not okay right now.

COVID-19 has everyone concerned about their futures right now. It is a ripe time to sow distrust and spread misinformation about what is going on. It’s a conspiracy theorist’s wet dream.

That’s what makes them especially dangerous right now. Conspiracy theories are designed to create and reinforce beliefs that the government is out to get you, that globalists want to establish a One World Order, and they frequently invoke the latest political leader as the Anti-Christ.

Naturally, these alarmist theories have clung to COVID-19. Surely a disease can’t spring from nowhere and grip the world in fear. It is some sort of designed, globalist directed initiative to take away our rights and establish a new world government. Such a conspiracy would require a political machine with more organization and discretion than anything in known history.

Meanwhile, the US government can’t even decide if COVID-19 is actually a big deal.

These conspiracies perpetuate even though they can be dismantled with even the most mundane facts, so why do they still take hold? Well, talking about the spread of conspiracies is best saved for another post.

Today, we will just be popping some holes in some of the most common COVID-19 conspiracies, as relayed to me by my conspiracy-loving family members. Lets dig in.

NOTE: I won’t be linking to any of the sites that promote this disinformation. These ideas spread quickly as is, and it would be irresponsible of me to propagate that spread, even in disproving their premises.

They Are Installing 5G Towers! And That’s…Bad Right?

I worked as a sales rep for T-Mobile for two years, and then covered cellphones as a freelance tech writer for three more. I still wouldn’t call myself an expert on cellular technology, but I know enough to immediately recognize this conspiracy as one of the dumbest regarding COVID-19.

The conspiracy, like most of these, has a few variants with slightly different information. However, it can generally be summed up as:

“China began installing 5G towers in Wuhan, and then people started getting really sick from the ‘radiation.’ Instead of taking down the technology and investigating its side effects, the Chinese government manufactured propaganda about COVID-19 and began arresting and killing these people sick from the 5G towers. That’s because 5G is the next step in establishing the One World Order, and they will do anything to make establish it.”

Yeah…there is a lot to unpack in this one. Let’s start with the fact that this conspiracy hinges on not understanding how 5G works. It depends on a reader’s ignorance of technology, acting as if 5G is some hyper-advanced and experimental technology and not a natural development of mobile broadband technology.

5G is just an expansion of the capacity of 4G LTE networks. So why the panic? Well, while there will be 5G augmentations for entire networks in the coming years, it does have one significant drawback. 5G operates on something called mmWave, and without getting too technical it basically has a really short range (about 30 meters). That means to get true 5G speeds, carriers have to install more towers than ever before.

And yes, Democrats want it in the next phase of COVID-19 stimuli.

People see these 5G towers being installed as well as the sheer amount of them, and think something is amiss. Surely, there is something nefarious with all these towers going up. I assure you, it is business as usual. Learn more about 5G and its capabilities with the video below:

I really just wanted to hit on the audacity of the 5G aspect of this conspiracy. Lets not forget that the supposed 5G cause of COVID-19 doesn’t explain how the disease spreads. It’s a laughably ignorant idea.

5G is an important step in technological development, and it is one of the ways our economy will recover after the pandemic.

The Government Is Going To Make You Get Cryptocurrency! And The Only Way To Get It Is With An RFID Chip…Because That’s Totally How Crypto Works!

A common thread among any conspiracy in any generation is the way they implement technology buzzwords to intimidate their audience. Globalist conspiracies depend on an inherent fear of social progress, particularly in technology.

One such video talked about how COVID-19, while it wasn’t manufactured, was an excuse to implement 5G (there it is again) to establish a New World Order. The evidence was in the stimulus package, where the government showed it wants to create a cryptocurrency. This is another way to establish control, because you would only be able to access it with an implanted RFID chip. He then rambled about how he has prophesied for a long time, and how everyone needs to give up entertainment for mass prayer.

It’s really good stuff.

RFID chips have been a staple of conspiracy theories for years, and it likely won’t go away any time soon.

However, instead I want to focus on the other technology buzzword…cryptocurrency. Crypto is another one of those technologies everyone seems to misunderstand. As such, the conspiracy has two primary fallacies (aside from the RFID bit).

  1. It doesn’t understand what crypto is and how it works.
  2. It conflates a digital currency with cryptocurrency.

For everything on the basics crypto, just read this link. Here’s the gist of it, though.

  • Cryptocurrencies are anonymous, so there is no private info or bank accounts associated with crypto stashes.
  • The Ledger, where all crypto transactions happen, are public and decentralized. That means they are not controlled by any entity or individual.
  • Crypto exchanges — where most people acquire and hold their crypto funds — have insane security measures, and if you forget your password or misplace your hardware wallet, those funds are gone for good.

Cryptocurrencies are fundamentally different than the digital dollars solution proposed by some Democrats. It adopts many of the same benefits of crypto, such as not relying on a bank account, but has a centralized backing in the Federal Reserve.

And again, there is literally no mention of RFID chips anywhere in all this.

Digital currencies are actually a major step forward, as it addresses many of the security issues with our greenback system and it would actually stimulate the economy.

But why implement a digital currency now? Doesn’t the lineup of COVID-19 and the backing of digital dollars lineup too well? The short answer? No, not really. Discussions about digital dollars have been on the rise for some time. Some — dubbed stable coins — have been in use for a while now.

The reason the digital currency argument is so strong now is because of how quickly the funds could be released to American citizens, especially those without bank accounts.

The COVID-19 Vaccine Will Be Dangerous! My Friend Selling Essential Oils Said So!

The anti-vaxx movement has been on the rise for several years, backed purely by outdated faulty science and anti-intellectual hysteria.

Naturally, when the pandemic hit, this community was the first to speak up about the dangers of vaccinating against COVID-19, just like they did with H1N1 before it.

The anti-vaxx conspiracy depends again on people’s fear of science and a willful ignorance of how vaccines work.

The anti-vaxx movement is too large and too varied to account for every single thing they say and do. It also hasn’t coalesced behind a singular idea as much as the previous two have. Instead, they are just regurgitating the same ideas they always do, just with a COVID-19 veneer.

In short, COVID-19 doesn’t actually exist or isn’t as bad as the media says. This is all just a media ploy to promote police state tactics and institute mandated vaccines. Something something something chemicals in vaccines something something autism.

You’ve heard it all before.

The way you combat this is with, again, a basic understanding of science.

Vaccines are essentially weakened micro-doses of a particular disease. Your body’s immune system combats this weakened virus, and will then remember how to eliminate it again next time it enters the body, thus preventing you from getting sick again. It’s why you only get the chicken pox once or not at all if you get the vaccine.

Vaccines also depend on herd culturing. If enough people (the herd) already have an immune system capable of fending off a disease, the spread of that disease will dramatically decrease. This protects people who are otherwise susceptible to the disease or with compromised immune systems.


We live in a strange culture that tolerates most ideas, despite any lack of merit or evidence. This is partly why conspiracy theories spread so rapidly, and we each have an individual responsibility to counter them.

To debunk these ideas, I googled on average two minutes for each of the topics and read the entire first page of results. It really isn’t hard.

Misinformation is an increasing problem in the digital age, and we have to do our best to mitigate or stop it entirely.

Caleb is a full-time writer that writes about fiction, tech, films, and occasionally about politics. He is also an aspiring author.

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