I Hate All These Big Phones

My tiny baby hands just can’t take it anymore.

I’ve been in something of a crisis the past few years. Smartphones have simply gotten too big for me. I’m a medium-sized guy, but my hands are extra small. As in PlayStation controllers are the perfect fit small. They’re just so compact and comfortable to hold.

You know what isn’t comfortable to hold? My iPhone XR with its behemoth 6.1 inch display. Don’t get me wrong, I like my phone well enough. But using it one-handed is frustrating and borderline impossible. Sure, I could use one-handed mode, but what’s the point in having all this screen real estate if I’m just going to cut it in half?

My phone isn’t even the biggest on the market. Some of the most recent phones like the Samsung Galaxy Note 20 Ultra has a screen that is nearly 7 inches long (measured diagonally). That just seems insane to me. What fee-fi-fo-fum motherfucker is out there terrorizing villages and in desperate need of a 7 inch display?

Who I ask you?

One of my favorite phones I ever had was the original iPhone SE, and before that I had the iPhone 5S (which I ran for nearly four years). I don’t want to go back to that form factor exactly, and I enjoy the all-screen displays of modern smartphones. But I want to return to the spirit of compact phones. I want to enjoy my smartphone with one hand, dammit.

The good news is I just might be able to. I got an email today reminding me to pre-order Apple’s iPhone 12 Mini, which has a significantly reduced form factor but a reasonably large 5.4 inch display. In theory, it seems like the perfect fit for me.

I won’t be pre-ordering it. Hell, I still probably won’t even buy it. I’d like to see some reviewers get their hands on it or try it at a store (when it’s safe to do so) before I make the upgrade. I would also like to eek out another year or two on my iPhone XR just to save some dough.

But hopefully the iPhone 12 Mini starts a renaissance for smaller phones, and that is something my pathetic toddler hands and I would appreciate.

Caleb is a full-time writer that writes about fiction, tech, films, and occasionally about politics. He is also an aspiring author.

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